Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 8 and one missed already

Well as the heading suggests I didn't even make it a week without missing a day in my quest to take 1 photo per day.  How I am going to last a whole year!  I took two today - does that count?
 These pics are of what used to be our front flower bed.  The vet did warn us when we got 2 puppies 2 years ago to say goodbye to any chance of keeping a garden.  Now I know exactly what she meant.  Originally it was just Molly and Dexter doing the damage but just recently they have been joined by the third Muskateer - Ollie!  As you can see they all get on quite well and are very happy lazing around together.

On a different note entirely I had a lovely dinner last night with three ladies that I used to work with at Jandakot Primary.  Brooks, Leonie, Tina and I usually try to get together once a term but Tina wasn't able to make it last night, but Mary was a
willing stand in and hopefully will join our little group for regular nights out.  I was given an invitation last night that has me in a quandary and has left me with a bit of a moral dilemma.  More about that at a later date, after I have had time to really think about it and maybe talk to one or two people.

Then today our daughter Linley and her partner Leon, and our son Aaron came down for the weekend and we have spent a lovely evening together and enjoyed a great meal.  Thanks Miss for the beautiful pork shoulder!  We started off with bruschetta, followed by roast pork and apple sauce and all the trimmings, and ended up with home made apple pie and non-home made lemon meringue.  We are now all stuffed to the gills and more than ready for our beds.   Tomorrow night we are all going to see Lisa Williams the medium and I am really looking forward to it.  Linley and I have been to John Edward a couple of times, but I thought the venue was too big, so hopefully tomorrow night will be better.  I'll be sure and write about anything exciting that Lisa tells us!

Aaron gave us some details (too few actually) about his dinner date with his new lady friend.  He has met someone at last that he would like to get to know better and I think he doesn't want to jinx himself! After 3 failed relationships he is naturally a bit reluctant to commit too soon.  I think he is a great guy and any girl would be lucky to have him - but then maybe I am a teeny bit biased.  Anyway, we are keeping our fingers crossed for him.  I think 2011 might possibly be the year for our family at last!

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