Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 9 and the end of a great weekend

We spent a quiet day today lazing around and just 'visiting' with our daughter and future son-in-law.  No sewing done - in fact nothing much of anything done, but a really relaxing weekend.  This was finished off with a lovely meal at the Stage Door in Mandurah before seeing Lisa Williams at the Performing Arts Centre tonight.  Thank Linley for a fantastic night. The photo is not the best as it was taken with my phone and we were only 3 rows from back, but the show was fantastic!  She is absolutely amazing and right on target with the messages she receives from 'the other side'.  I am sure that she converted a few sceptics tonight, Leon included! One couple who were there got a message from their son who died only 3 weeks ago and you could tell that the audience really felt for them.
I am a John Edward fan from way back, but I think Lisa is more sympathetic than he is and she actually came down off the stage to hug this newly bereaved couple and it was really moving.  I would recommend anyone going to see her if they have the opportunity.

Well tomorrow night it will be down to business - I have to have at least one Sunbonnet Sue block to show the ladies at sewing on Tuesday night (Sue especially as she has almost finished hers) and I have only two weeks to make 12!  I got the message this morning that my postcards from the swap are in the mail and I am really excited and looking forward to receiving 13 beautiful fabric postcards.  I will definitely post pics as soon as they arrive.

Meanwhile, keep safe and happy quilting.

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