Sunday, March 20, 2011

Toy Story 3 in the Park

After a great day spent with a couple of the ladies from my sewing group, hubby and I went with his nephew and family to a film in the park this evening. Toy Story 3 was very funny and it was wonderful to see the number of families that spent the evening in the park with the little kids running around before the film.

Part of the morning and most of this afternoon I spent fighting with my embroidery machine. I may have won the battle, much I think the machine won the war! I am going to need a lot more practice before I become proficient on it so I will be going to The Girl's Shed on a Saturday from now on to do just that. We are lucky that Sue allows us to use her sewing shed, and that we have Vicki to help us with the embroidering. Thanks goodness I have a reprieve on the due date for my Sunbonnet Sue blocks as they are embroidered! Although the reason for the reprieve is a sad one as Christine lost her grandmother and an uncle this week and needs time with her family. Our thoughts and prayers are with Christine at this sad time.

Christmas Block Swap
This is the beautiful block I received from Linda. The colours are gorgeous and the block is like a mini I Spy quilt! I really love it, thanks Linda.

Pastel Card Trick Blocks
I received my 6 blocks on Thursday from the very first swap I took part in at the beginning of the year. Aren’t they lovely? I must admit I wasn’t too thrilled with the blocks I made when I first started them, because I tend towards more vibrant colours, but I am really looking forward to putting these blocks together in a little baby quilt. Thanks to all the lovely ladies who participated in this swap.

Finally, this is a sneak peek at the mug rug I will be sending off to Hilary after having 3 goes at getting it right - I hope she likes it !


  1. Lovely pastels in the card trick blocks

  2. The card trick block is a wonderful little thing isn't it. And I'm sure your partner will love her mug rug! Nice work! :)