Saturday, March 12, 2011


Well I am at it again (or should I say not at it again!).  It is Saturday mornng  afternoon and here I am sitting at the computer again (still in my PJs), when my house looks like Cyclone Yasi came through WA instead of Queensland!  I am having visitors tomorrow and really need to get cracking, but I am itching to get into my sewing room.  Duhhh... I know the longer I sit here the longer it will take for me to get there but I am a born and bred procrastinator to the bone!
This is a peek at the beautiful piece of fabric that I am going to be using for my mug rug for Hilary.  I have had it for ages and have never come up with a project for it.  Now it is perfect for Hilary who loves, blue and paisley!  I have been fiddling with a design for the mug rug this morning and think I have got it.  Now to get that pesky housework done (or at least enough to stop me feeling guilty and my guests from gagging) so that I can get on with it. 
I got the name of my swap partner this morning for the 6" block swap  and am itching to get into that to.  Here is a list of the current swaps I have on the go:
1.  Sunbonnet Sue 12" Block - 12 blocks DUE 21/3 - (I haven't even started!) (
2.  12" Block - March 1 block (
3.  12" Xmas Block - March 1 block  (
4.  Birthday Fat Quarter Swap - March - 2 per month  (
5.  6" Block Swap - 2 per month (
6.  Mug Rug Adventure x 1 due April (
7.  Friendship Postcard Swap x 5 due April
I have also registered for a Hot Pad swap and should be getting my swap partner details any time now.  So you can see that I should not have to worry about the housework! I need to be in my sewing room.  I have committments! 
I am also itching to start a new baby quilt for a very, very special baby (details soon!)  I should have had my Mum's photo quilt almost finished now (yeah right!).  I also need to start a quilt for my daughter's partner for his birthday in May.  I might have to re-think this one and put a slightly different spin on it ???

Anyway, I absolutely cannot put it off any longer.  Hubby is due home from work any time now and I should at least look like I have been working hard. And now to make matters worse my little man Ollie has just come in looking for some lunch and he can be very persistent!

So ... keep safe and happy quilting!


  1. not heard the next episode of what is going on, presumably you are very busy sewing all those projects, hope you are having fun I love them !!

  2. is that ollie at the counter? how sweet my grands would love him for sure