Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Swap Projects Up to Date

This is my first block for the Christmas block swap and will be going to Mary in Ontario who wanted any star block in traditional colours. Now I have almost a month to wait for my next partner. I really look forward to finding out who my next swap will be with.

Since joining all these swaps this year I have experienced a couple of 'firsts'. For instance my first swaps; my first log cabin; my first mug rug; my first fabric postcard.
The next month or so is going to see another first because I have joined the Sunbonnet Sue swap group. I swapped December for August with Sue van L and now I am up to date with all of the others I can get started. Meantime, I really need to start on some of my UFO's. Did you know my middle name is 'Gunna"?

This is my February block for Dallas in Castlemaine. She asked for a log cabin in autumn colours. I figure you can't get more autumn than these colours! I only hope she likes it because it is a bit busier than something I would usually do, but I really loved both fabrics.

I have also got a fat quarter of small florals for Lee in Canada and one of watercolour batiks for Deb in New York. All of these goodies, including the mug rugs and postcards will be in the post tomorrow - and what a relief that will be!

On a different note altogether it was my son's birthday at the beginning of the week and he is coming down on the weekend and we are going to go shopping for a bonsai starter kit for him. Apparently he has developed an interest and as he is great with his hands and very good with plants (don't know where he gets that from) I am expecting some gorgeous gifts in the future!

My daughter is back in Port Hedland to pack up her gear and is now going to be working from Perth again, which will be great for her and her partner. Hopefully they will get more time together and as she is a real home body, she will be much happier.

Hubby is snoring away at the moment as he has a 4am start tomorrow and after driving to Bunbury and back this morning he is knackered! He is going to ned another holiday soon if he keeps this up.

We have been really busy as usual at work because of the start of the new school year and today was horrendous for my two fabulous office ladies. They were put well and truly under the pump and came up trumps as usual. Well done ladies!

Well Ollie has just eaten half my grapes and is now looking for his bottle, then it is outside for a while before going to bed. He is getting quite big now, but is still really lovable, but boy, does he love his food! I don't think we have found anything yet that he won't eat!
Anyway, until next time keep safe and happy quilting.


  1. I just love that you have a pet Kangaroo. How did you ever come to having Ollie?
    I love your Christmas block! Have fun with all your swaps =)

  2. What a lovely post to read Cheryl,thoroughly enjoyed it,thankyou for the lovely visit.
    cheers shez