Saturday, January 29, 2011

Postcard Swap

Wow this has been a marathon of sewing for me! I can't remember the last time I have spent so much time in my sewing room and I'm loving it! This is a picture of the 14 postcards I have completed for this swap.
I am really happy with the way they have turned out and am especially pleased with the Australiana ones. I have until the 3rd week in February to post them, so I might make some more Australian ones. I think this fits in with the 'postcard' theme better that just making a mini quilt.
Notice the two cards with photos of our little man on them? I really loves these two and am hoping that someone overseas will love them too. As I said I still have time to make some more if I decide to, but I do have a couple of other swaps to be getting on with!

I have just joined a Sunbonnet Sue swap and this means making 12 - yes 12 ! - Sunbonnet Sue blocks for a designated monthly theme. My month is December and the blocks are due by the end of March so I had better get a move on. Of course this is yet another excuse not to get into those pesky UFO's, but I really do have to get to work on Mum's quilt.

Now that I have started embroidering the letters for the crossword puzzle I realise that the quilt is going to be huge! and as a friend of mine pointed out to me the photos will be huge as well and some will be impossible to print onto an A4 fabric sheet they are so big. So... back to the drawing board I go.

Added to this is the fact that I had to go back to work on Thursday - sad isn't it after only 6 weeks holiday! But this year I have had the best holiday ever - just totally relaxed and under no pressure to go into work during the break because I was all up to date. I decided that for once I wouldn't go into work straight after the new year to do end of year rollover, but wait until I got back to do it. BIG MISTAKE!!! It is now the 29th January and I still haven't done the end of month for December (don't balance - yikes!), let alone the end of year rollover and now end of month for January is due! I will certainly not do this again, for the sake of giving up 1 day during my holidays, it is a lot less stress at the beginning of the new school year.

Teachers are back in on Monday and the students start back on Wednesday so we are going to be on our toes, but we will manage - we always do!

I have been waiting expectantly for my 12" block from Larain in Newrybar but it hasn't come as yet. I am wondering if she has been caught up in some way because of the flooding up north. I expect it will turn up eventually. Meanwhile I am going to make the star block for my Christmas block swap. I have chosen the pattern and the colours and it shouldn't take me long to make then that is another swap finished for the time being.

I have just been given the list of swapees (a new word I made up) for the Birthday Fat Quarter Swap so I can start shopping (just as well Kevin doesn't read this blog!). At least half of the ladies in the swap want batiks, me included. I hadn't realised they were so popular. I don't really mind what I get, but thought that as I don't have any batiks I could make a start.

Anyway, I am off to make a star block and then I might take another look at Mum's quilt. I had better start working out a pattern for my darling daughter's quilt too, because I keep getting gentle little digs about it! I want to surprise her for her birthday (just as well she doesn't read this blog either!).

Anyway, until next time, keep safe and happy quilting. Cheers

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