Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Another Late Night at Work

Left work just after midday today to attend a troubleshooting session with other Registrars and School Officers in our district.  It was really informative and I learned a couple of valuable things today.  Got back to work at about 4.20 because I needed to finish my end of month and I still hadn't balanced!  3 hours later I finally cracked it and was able to call it a night.
My year started off with really good intentions and I was sewing like a mad woman until I had to go back to work after the holidays.  Now we are into week 6 of the school term (and this has just reminded of something urgent I have to do tomorrow, so better email myself straight away before I forget)..........
Back again.  That is what my brain is like - always going off on a tangent.  It is no wonder I always have so many things on the go!
I am going to make the Christmas block for my swap partner tomorrow night, then start on my Sunbonnet Sue blocks.  I only have 11 days to do 12 blocks!  Then I can start on the mug rug for my new swap partner.
I am feeling a bit unloved because I haven't received my mug rugs from the first swap yet, or my postcards, but I suppose they do have to come a fair way.  My mug rugs are coming from Canada and my postcards from America.  Then I have new postcards to make for the friendship swap.  I love doing these little projects - I get a real sense of achievement really quickly and I love sewing for other people.  I should be in my sewing room now, but I am so tired I don't think I would do much good.
Anyway, I should get back to bed and try for some sleep - morning will be here soon enough and another hectic day at work.
Keep safe and happy quilting

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  1. It's disappointing when a swap isn't recipricated.. but your gifts may just be running late! Hope so anyway!