Saturday, February 19, 2011


Talk about Lord Muck!
 I know, I know there are 365 days in a year, but here we are at the 19th February, 49 days in and I am just getting started. I have been wanting to do this for ages and have seen more than a few bloggers who are doing the same thing so thought it was about time I got started.
I am hoping that my family will start to follow my blog and maybe start their own. Or maybe if any of us are blogger literate enough we could start a combined one? We have been at opposite ends of the country (and overseas) from each other for so long that I sometimes feel like I am not really part of the same family. Sad I know - self pity is a bummer!
Anyway, I would love to reconnect with all of my brothers and sisters-in-law and nieces and nephews, and maybe even Mum could get in on the act if she would be willing to learn how to use a computer! I am determined to show her when she is here in April and maybe she could be persuaded to use a laptop. It would be great to be able to chat online via Skype rather than the too few phone calls we exchange.

Anyway, back to the photo journal idea. My cousin Denise is a super photographer and I am hoping she can tell me who she took her photography course through because I really am hopeless with a camera! Denise worked through her course and documented each section like a scrapbook. It is absolutely fantastic!
My first pic is of course of our darling little man Ollie. I seem to spend more time with him than anyone else and he is not camera shy! Actually, he is the only thing I do take pictures of these days so I will certainly have to branch out!

Then of course I really want to learn how to take decent photos of my patchwork projects. It is such a shame that things I am so proud of look kind of weird when I take a photo of them; for instance my log cabin block for Dallas. The colours in that block I thought were really great but the photo turned out all orange!
Anyway, here goes nothing. Surely as each day goes by and I force myself to use my camera I should show some improvement? Maybe if I got the instruction manual out, that would be a good place to start? I have had this camera for about 2 years and still don't know how to use it properly. Shame, shame.

Yours in patchworking and photography


  1. There are sooo many things to do in each day isn't there. Perhaps we could invent another hour somehow? ummm... I'll give it some thought. Good luck with your photography!

  2. Thanks Cheryll - I thought at my age I would be losing interest in new things - but it seems to be the opposite, which I think is a good thing!