Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 4 of 316

Now what, you might ask is so interesting about a set of your basic white bathroom scales?????  Well these are what have been mocking me with their silent stare since I got home a little while ago!
Sewing night tonight at the Girls Shed ( http://girlsshed.blogspot.com/) and my good friend Maralyne was not feeling up to coming with me tonight, but as usual fed me before I left.  If I haven't explained this before, I go straight to Maralyne's from work, she feeds me and I taxi her to and from sewing.  I know I get the best of that deal! Anyway, to get back to the point of this story, I decided to take a small detour on the way to sewing after leaving Marlayne's and stopped off at Baskin and Robbins for a banana split. 
One gigantic scoop of hokey pokey icecream, one chopped up banana, one huge scoop of mango tango, rich hot chocolate fudge sauce, cream, nuts and a cherry on top!!  Who could resist, I ask you?  It has been absolutely ages since I indulged in what used to be a regular treat when I took the banking in to town.
So.... back to the scales.  I ummm, sort of forgot  to take a picture of this scrumptious creation (actually I was just too much of a pig to wait long enought to take one!), and as I said, these scales have been glaring at me ever since I got home! 
Well I guess this picture will have to do until I can get one of the real deal.   Maybe Friday night??????

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