Friday, January 21, 2011

UFO's here I come!

Finally started on that pile of UFO's today. Sewed the binding onto my oriental wall hanging only to find I had put it on back to front and had to unpick it all! Great start - really makes me enthusiastic to keep going - not!!! But I will. Actually I am feeling quite excited about seeing it finally finished. I am going to hang it behind my bed.
Have made 3 postcards towards the 10-14 I need for my swap. Am really enjoying these, but I must agree with a post I read today - I make as much mess making these small items as I do making a full sized quilt!
I also finally bought some photo fabric sheets today so can get started on the printing of the photos for mums quilt. Was talking to the lady in the quilt shop about a quilting machine and she very kindly demonstrated the one in the store which was already set up with a quilt. She made it look really easy - now if only I had a spare $5000!
Anyway I am off to make some more postcards - see you in the funny papers!
Keep safe and happy quilting.

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