Tuesday, January 18, 2011

They're Multiplying!!

I can't believe it! I was searching through my scraps looking for some to take to sewing group tonight and what did I find, but another UFO! This one is a very simple baby's quilt and will not take long to finish thank goodness, but where are they all coming from?

Now I really have to pull my socks up and get some of these UFO's finished. I have joined the girls at Sew it's Finished and am ashamed to see how quickly others are getting through their UFO's.

I have just had a swim to refresh myself after spending the afternoon in my sewing room. Now it is time to organise some tea before heading off to The Girls' Shed for our weekly group and a start on those pesky UFO's!

Keep safe and happy quilting


  1. ooo making me feal bad about my UFO's maybe better do some of mine

  2. You went swimming and found another UFO, gosh Cheryl you are going to be so fit and I hope you can use all the quilts when they are finished.
    (grandma is ready) joking Love BEA

  3. Hi Bea - if I get all my quilts finished I will have to dole them out to unsuspecting friends and family LOL