Sunday, January 2, 2011

Gearing up for 2011

Well I spent yesterday and last sorting and today I have photographed all of my UFO's (and if I come across any more I am not owning up to it!)and will post them here. Hopefully this will shame me into finishing some, if not all, of them this year.
As you can see by some of the photos I tend to get a little fixated (let's not use the word obsessed) with certain projects. But before I finish one project I spot another one that I simply have to do! There are just so many beautiful projects and patterns out there that I can't help getting sidetacked.

The first photo is of the diamond table runners that I made for Christmas before last and these were extras. I love the simplicity of the pattern but had all sorts of trouble with the satin stitching. I ended up using my embroidery machine, which worked a lot better. And no, before you ask, I rarely use my embroidery machine, which is an absolute abomination I know! 2011 is going to be the year - promise!

The second photo is of a couple of quick and easy Christmas runners and the third photo is my version of "Sherbet Delight Crazy Table Topper" made with 3 circles instead of 4 as I was short on background material.

Stay posted for more....

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