Sunday, January 9, 2011

All Organised

Well I have spent the last couple of days organising myself to get into it! I have completed the card trick blocks and the 12" for my swaps and they will be posted tomorrow, absolutely.
I have sorted all my UFO's and tried to list them in order of priority and will begin work on these immediately starting with Lily's quilt. I have also listed my interest in joining a postcard swap which will be interesting as I have not done one of these before.
Today I have started working on the layout for my Mums photo quilt. It should have been done for her birthday last year but I couldn't decide on a pattern, so here I am. I have decided to go with a crossword puzzle showing all our names with pictures spaced in and around the puzzle. Now I just have to source some more photos from my brothers. I have been asking for 2 years for photos of them and their families and am still waiting. I will have to play the heavy handed sister because I want this quilt done by April if possible when Mum comes to visit, or Mothers Day at the latest.
I have posted the latest picture of our little man Ollie. I think this is a gorgeous photo - he was waiting patiently for me to get comfortable before giving him his bottle. If he gets much bigger I won't be able to cuddle him while I feed him, and I do love my cuddles!
Anyway, enough chitchat - I am off to the sewing room to work on Lily's quilt and hopefully she can have it by the end of the week.
Keep Safe and Happy Quilting.

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