Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2011 at The Girl's Shed

Tonight was my first night with our group for 2011. I missed last week because of family issues which thankfully are all sorted now. Tonight was a great night for me as Sue and Vicki very kindly helped me with my embroidery machine so that I could start embroidering the letters for my Mum's photo/crossword quilt. I think this task is going to take quite a bit longer than I thought. I only managed to get about 9 blocks done tonight in 2 hours.
Unfortunately by the time I got home my wrists were killing me. I think this is mainly the aftermath of the fall I took yesterday. Studip me, rushing to shut the gate and not paying attention. Well now I am paying the price. Oh well, hopefully a good nights sleep and a couple of painkillers will see me right in the morning.
I am really keen to keep up the momentum on this quilt. After a quick trip in the morning to get some decent stabiliser (Vicki and Sue inform me that the stuff I have is useless!) I will get as many blocks done tomorrow as I can. I will also start on printing up the photos. I am really pleased with the set out for the quilt and will post updates as I go along.
I have collected some really great photos of my family and I know Mum will be especially pleased with all the pictures of 'her boys' - my four brothers. I have added a photo of my dad in his Army uniform when he was really young and each of my brothers in their various uniforms. Of course these photos won't be current as I think my brother Lindsay is the only one who hasn't actually changed his career path - he has always been army. Unlike Tracy who was Navy, Army, attempted Foreign Legion, Navy and now police force! Sean is almost as bad with Army, Navy, Army (I think) and of course Ronald who went from the Navy to Ansett to Coast Guard? to Navy and back to Coast Guard (in Abu Dhabi). My careers as a bank officer then school officer pale in comparison!
I am actually waiting to go to bed but Ollie has decided to go for a late night play outside, so I am just waiting for him to want to come back in before heading off. He has spent the last two nights on my bed and I must say he has been very good. Except for waking me up to give him a bottle he slept really well and because we have a king sized bed was able to stretch out without disturbing us!
My daughter flies home tomorrow for R&R from Port Hedland where she is working at the moment and I am hoping that both her and my son will be available on the weekend to have a family picture taken. It has been years since we had one taken and I really need one for Mum's quilt. Anyway, I think I will have to call Ollie in and head off to bed.
Until next time keep safe and happy quilting.


  1. Hi Cheryl, I would love you to join us in finishing some UFO's. If you would like could you email me or Wendy and we will join you up with blogger to our blog.
    Hugs Dawn x x

  2. Hi Cheryl, I'm with're showing up as a no reply blogger so we can't reply to you....can you send us an email address and we'll forward details to join you up? If you want to change your no reply status, details are on Sew its Finished blog page. We'd love to have you along!
    sew many sugary hugs
    Wendy :O)